Update to Thoughts on Te Whanake – Vocab

A couple of updates to yesterday’s post.

I have decided that “Thoughts on Te Whanake” is really about the first 3 books in the textbook series – Te Kākano, Te Pihinga, Te Māhuri – rather than the whole of the TW resources. Although some points are going to apply to the resources as a whole, I guess those 3 textbooks are really my focus here. Probably.

Further, I clarified to myself last night that these are explicitly thoughts about using TW now, in the current context, not about using it when it was first published in the 90s, for example. What these means, however, is that although some of my opinions are a criticism on TW itself, others are a critisim of the choice to use it as a textbook now. 😮

Finally, although I’d really like to review some other textbooks and tell you what I don’t like about them too, you can only learn something for the first time once, so I’m not really going to get the same experience looking at other books now – although I still intend to try and compare the handling of some of the grammar points in different books.