How to Set-up the Māori Keyboard on your Computer (Mac)

So here’s a fairly practical post about how to set up the Māori keyboard on your Mac computer so you can type the macrons – ā, ē, ī, ō, ū.

Note: Macrons in Māori are called tohutō. Some people call them pōtae (hat). If you have trouble remember the macron in the spelling, try to remember that “tohutō has a tohutō”

  1. Go to Keyboard in your System Preferences by one of two methods:
    • Open Spotlight using the magnifying glass icon spotlight and type Keyboard and press Enter
    • Click on the Apple icon, choose System Preferences, and then choose Keyboard
      systempreferences     keyboard
  2. Choose Input Sources
  3. Click the + plus button at the bottom of the window
  4. Choose Māori from the list and click Add

That’s all. In your top menu bar by your clock, you’ll see a little language flag.
Maori in menu bar
If you click on it you can change between keyboards that you have activated (e.g. Australian and Māori). My advice is that if you type only English and Māori, leave it on the Māori keyboard as then it is always ready to go – it doesn’t cause you any problems when typing English.

So how do you actually type the tohutō?!

It takes a little bit of getting used to, but to type a vowel with a macron, you press the tilde button immediately before pressing the vowel. The tilde button is in the top left of your keyboard and has these two symbols on it ` ~ (the second one is the tilde).


For example, to type the word tohutō, you type t o h u t ~ o. When you press the tilde button, nothing will happen, but when you press the o, the ō will appear. (Try it and it will make a lot more sense.)



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