Paipera Tapu – the Bible

Today’s resource is a website providing translations of the Bible in multiple languages, including te reo Māori –

The Bible in te reo Māori isn’t really something that is useful to me personally, but for Christians then this is a great resource – what could be better than a text that you read regularly, with sections you likely know very well?

Regular language practice is probably the most important part of langauge learning, and getting into a habit is the best way to ensure regular practice, and piggy-backing a new habit onto an old one is the easiest way to start that new habit! So if you already regularly read the Bible, it is relatively easy to tag some Māori language practice on to that by reading some of the passages in te reo.

Sources that you know well in one language are often recommended as great practice for your target language. You’ve already got a head-start on comprehension, and it’s probably something you enjoy too. If you’re already familiar with, or even memorised, various Bible passages, then reading them in te reo Māori will be a fascinating exercise where you will hopefully be able to understand the sentence as a whole unit, not just a word-by-word translation as so often happens.

And of course, if you don’t know any passages off by heart, or if you don’t even own an English Bible at the moment, it is easy to get a copy of the Bible in English or any other langauge to compare to the te reo Māori version (including at this website).

View the te reo Māori Paipera Tapu online.

To search for a specific word, topic or passage:

  1. Go to the above link or to the main page at
  2. Enter your search term in the search box
  3. Choose Maori bible (MAORI) from the drop-down
  4. Click Search


Ngā mihi to my friend Tania for sharing this resouces!


2 thoughts on “Paipera Tapu – the Bible

  1. Ka rawe e hoa. Ehara au i te mea whakapono i nāianei, otirā he pai tō kōrero mō te pukapuka nei. I huri ahau ki Ngā Mahi a Ngā Apotoro,ā, i pānuitia e au ētahi whiti… I hoki anō ōku mahara ki te wā i whakapono ai ahau… Ngā mihi, e hoa!


  2. It’s really great for me personally because I don’t need to ‘look up’ the words/sentences because I know large parts of the New Testament by heart and so, as you say, the comprehension is already there so I can work out the kupu hou. Ngā mihi nui ki a koe hoki e hoa.


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