Te Tīmatanga – the Beginning

As a language learner, I’ve read a few blogs about language learning, written by other language learners. They can be very inspiring, and can provide you with a lot of ideas to help with your own language learning journey. (They can also be a tremendous waste of time, making you think you’re working when you’re not!)

When I switched to learning Māori from learning Polish, I found a lot of the advice about resources and classes and learning environments no longer applied as well as they used to. The discussions about the difficulities encountered no longer related so well to my difficulties.

Learning Māori, I think, is a fairly unique experience due to the combination of its circumstances as a minority, indigenous language; the relatively large number of resources available; and where those resources are concentrated. This means sometimes you don’t feel like all those blogs out there – talking about Spanish, German and French, or even Polish – you feel they don’t really apply to you.

Although they’re probably out there, I also didn’t encounter any Māori language learning blogs of a similar style to those I was reading – ones that combined the writer’s journey with helpful advice and resources.

As well as all this – I’m not Māori. Almost all of the resources and writing out there is by Māori, for Māori, with a Māori world view. Which is clearly how it should be! And obviously I can still use these resources, and I find them very useful, but sometimes their focus isn’t applicable to me, and they don’t speak to my emotions is quite the same way. If you’re Māori, and reading my blog, I expect you’ll find the same thing – you might find it useful and interesting, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it doesn’t connect on an emotional level.

All in all, I decided I might like to write a blog that filled the gap of what kind of Māori language learning blog I might like to read.


One thought on “Te Tīmatanga – the Beginning

  1. Thank you for this insight and I look forward to comparing your journey with mine – when our paths intersect, run parallel or run side by side. I particularly appreciate your honest reflections about being non-Māori and responding to the resources. Kia kaha, e hoa.


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